Children of Malaika

lf you have a child then you may know where this is coming from – they deserve more.

As some of you may know by way of my first e-mail a while back, I have started a charity drive to help a bunch of Orphaned kids in Hillbrow.
We have set up a web site, looking very professional, but the truth is we are not. Its primarily me at my computer trying to reach out to people during my crazy day at work.

Malaika Children's Fund

Anyway, my life is pretty busy and I don’t have time to go sit outside the supermarket asking for donations, in this day and age I thought I would be able to link up through email and Facebook with people who would see the merit. So far the likes on the Facebook page have been great, but likes don’t do much for the kids. I urge anyone reading this to pass it on. Since posting this on Facebook I have been underwhelmed by the response. The money we have has come in the form of 8 or 9 donations, that’s not a lot of people. I am sure we can do better – as a group of like minded people.

If we pass this onto a 100 people and we all donate a minimum of R100 that would make a difference to these kid’s lives – you should see the conditions that these children live in. Just unreal! I almost couldn’t stomach walking in the place. I am going to work on putting real pictures of their place up on the site so you can all see the sadness.
We are doing this now, it’s not a long term 20 year thing, maybe it’ll become that, but for now Winter is here and I want to help these kids. So please if you can help then do it now.

I am one person, you all have friends and family and a support network, let’s use that so that we don’t pass life by without doing something that really matters.
Send this on and let’s see how far we can get help from.

Please contact me via this my email address or via the contact form to help make a difference in the lives of these children