Who are Concept 2 Construction?


Concept 2 Construction (Pty) Ltd was registered in April 2007 and opened up its building services to a wider clientèle. Before Concept 2 Construction was officially started in 2007 the company had been involved in property sales, property development, construction and architecture for over a decade which gave C2C a solid base from which to grow. During our days of property development we found there was a distinct niche in the industry for a building company that really made an effort to offer its clients a complete service. Our core values are quality, integrity, reliability and expertise in building and renovation work.

How we've grown

Since our humble beginnings the company has expanded from running one or two projects, to more than ten at any given time. We ascribe our winning formulae to slow and steady growth coupled with specialisation in general residential building works and minor commercial projects. We are proud of what we have achieved and the team members that have brought their own specialised skill sets with them over time. We have accrued our own team of builders through trial periods and are extremely happy with the quality of work produced. To show our appreciation, we often pay our team members over and above the industry norm. In addition to our own builders we have formed strong partnerships with suppliers, sub-contractors and other industry professionals with the aim of providing you, the client, with what we consider to be the best quality product and service. If our sub-contractors don’t meet our standard or criteria, then we don’t work with them.

Where we would like to be

C2C see itself as an opportunity rich company and a business that has a solid footing to build on. As a company we have a desire to grow and continue providing what we consider a higher quality of building service, but at the same time we understand the principles of good business, sound ethics and the pitfalls of not making informed decisions. We aim to continue growing and providing the same level and quality of work our clients have come to appreciate but to a wider clientèle.